Age Verification Frequently Asked Questions


1) What are the benefits of Age Verification?

With the ever increasing demand for accurate age determination in Canadian cattle, Age Verification provides an effective and internationally recognized Age Verification Process. Producers can enter and store Birth Date information and have it readily available for domestic and export markets.

2) How long do I have before I have to Age Verify?

Animals born after 1990 can be Age Verified. The Canadian Food Inspections Agency (CFIA) does require that the animal being Age Verified has a CCIA Approved tag in their ear.

3) Can I Age Verify Bar Coded and RFID tags?

Yes. Bar Coded and RFID CCIA Approved tags can be Age Verified.

4) Do I have to know exact birth dates?

No. You can enter exact Birth Dates with corresponding tag numbers, or a Calving Start Date associated with a tag range.

5) How do I Age Verify my animals?

By logging onto producers can Age Verify their animals. This site contains detailed instructions. Detailed instructions can also be found at If you do not have a computer, you can assign a third-party to submit on your behalf.

6) How do I prove if my animals are Age Verified?

After Age Verifying your animals, you can print off a Birth Certificate identifying that animals has been Age Verified.

7) How do I get a Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificates can be printed off from the site. After logging in and successfully reporting your Birth Dates, click “Reports” and Certificates can be printed off as needed.

8) What do I do if I made a mistake when entering my birthdates?

If the incorrect date is entered, simply re-submit the correct data for the specific animal and the system will update it accordingly.

9) What do I do if one of my Age Verified animals loses a tag?

If an Age Verified animal loses its tag and the tag number is known, it can be cross-referenced by logging onto your account and the system will merge the information accordingly. If the tag number is not known, the Birth Date data and new tag number must be resubmitted.

10) Can I Age Verify animals I have purchased?

No. Animals must be Age Verified by the original herd of origin in order to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the system.

11) How do I know if animals I have purchased are Age Verified?

Currently industry sectors such as Feedlots, Auction Marts, Producers and Packing Plants can access Birth Date data (Herd of Origin is not released).

For more information please contact the CCIA at 1-877-909-2333.

Registration & Validation:

Prior to submitting Birth Date information for the first time, users must register and validate themselves on the CLTS System. Proper registration and validation of users ensures the highest levels of privacy, security & data integrity are met at all times. To register on the CLTS system, producers and/or their third party must do the following:

Users should type into the address bar of their web browser and press the “Enter” or “Return” key.
If this is the users first time using the CLTS System, they should select the following, by clicking the mouse pointer on the “Click here to Register For A New Account” link.
Users must now complete the registration form that appears, clicking the “Next” button to proceed through the various steps. Please note that user validation requires that a minimum of four fields MUST match with the information in CCIA’s database (i.e. Operating Name, Address, Postal Code, Business Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, previously purchased CCIA Tag Number that has been issued to your Account ID by your Tag Dealer)
When a user enters their CCIA Tag Number, they only need to enter the last nine digits (usually starting with a “2”) of the tag, with no spaces or other punctuation. Bar-coded tags only have nine digits, but an RFID tag may have 15 digits or more. If using an RFID tag, you only need to enter the 9 digit tag number after the “124” or “124000.”
Although users are not required to know their CCIA PIN, it can make the validation process easier. If you do not
know your CCIA pin, please contact the CCIA Help Desk.

Third Parties:

If a user chooses, they can assign a Third Party to submit Birth Date information on their behalf. Both the producer and the Third Party must complete a “Third Party User Application.” To request information on the requirements for a Third Party Agreement and a copy of the application form, please contact the CCIA Help Desk at 1-877-909-2333 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (MST), Monday to Friday.

Username & Password:

As part of the registration process, users must set up a unique Username & Password, after they are successfully validated. This Username & Password combination is used for future visits to the CLTS System website. Both the Username & Password must be made up of a combination of numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters (as indicated on the website).

Users must also specify a Password Recovery Question & Answer. This is used to assist users in resetting their
password, should it ever be forgotten.

Submitting Birthdate Data:

Submitting Birthdate Data



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